Saturday, April 16, 2011

If I....

  Realizing your not perfect is never an easy thing to accept for anyone. I find myself increasingly getting closer and closer to my breaking point. But it never fails just when I think I can not possibly take any more, and the next time something "stressful" happens I am going to just snap and totally lose it. Zeke looks at me. He is so little and innocent, but wise and knowing. He may even ask if I am ok and come pat me on the head. It seems to make everything dissolve. 

I am especially grounded today. Realized that I am so amazingly lucky to have these great people all around me, who are able demonstrate such patience and remind me to relax and enjoy. Sometimes it's hard to remember such easy things. So I want to thank the people who inspire my life. Who have the wisdom to know what I need to hear. Who rescue me from having a nervous breakdown. Who let me know I am not alone. Thank you all for being amazing. For leaving your imprint on me and for helping me become a better person. The world needs more friends and family, like I am lucky enough to have.

Thanks for waiting, I'm catching up.


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