Tuesday, March 8, 2011

would you? could you? EVERYWHERE!!!

I came across this song via Pandora in the last week and it quickly became both mine and Zeke's favorite song. We've had a crazy last month +. It has felt like every action we take is just some desperate attempt to make everything normal again. But I am starting to wonder if there was such a thing? Or if the traumatic events will permanently change everything. I would love to chronicle everything I've been though in the last month but there will never be enough time or the correct words to explain the emotional journey we've all been though. As most know John's wonderful amazing mother passed away in January. I personally was not close to her. But I know she was a wonderful mother, as her son's are in fact amazing men. I may just be impartial, but there's not a man more respectful and emotional supportive then John (other then my Grandpa). We will always remember her, and a day will not pass without her in our hearts. John has been desperate to keep busy, I worry that it will come back to bite him but I trust he knows what it best for him.  And I hope he knows I will forever do anything to make things easier on him all he needs to do is say the word.

In other news, We filed our taxes and drumroll please..we bought a new car. All for mama!!!

I am in awe for lack of words that will ever fully be able to tell John just how GRATEFUL I am to have him in my life. I think back on the last fucked up 5 years. And when I think of him he's like some sort of bearded messed up angel with a heart made up of cadbury egg ♥!

I also recently have had the pleasure of getting to spend a little time with my nieces. Adorable as they come Raina is 2 and Skylar is 5.
Zeke LOVED spending time with his little cousins, and they in return love him, accepted him and tought him their ways.

We went on a rather daring adventure to the zoo. Though I must comment to no one's surprise we never made it past the monkeys.... birds of a feather flock together??? I mean monkeys and small children are basically the same right???!??

Raina seemed particularly partial to the monkeys. Sky was a great help. And there is a short list of things I WILL do differently if I ever brave 3 children at the zoo all at once. Unfortunately I didn't even manage to snap one picture of Zeke during the whole trip but for the car ride home :)
And one more, because Zeke had his first sleepover :D! Both where so excited I'm surprised they slept all night like this.
Now to take some time for a little Zeke update.
Oh! how this child has grown. I am starting the plans for his second birthday a mere -30 days left and my wittle baby boy will be 2!!! I recall being pregnant 2 years ago. I cant even imagine how this all happened so quickly. I have started measuring him along his door frame and just a month ago he was a whole inch smaller then he is now!!! How did he grow like that? I swear one day all his 12 month pants where too small! He is talking more then ever perhaps thanks to Raina that cute little smarty. Unfortunately one of those new words is no. As he will just sing it at the top of his lungs when he thinks being defiant is cute. Which lets be honest.... sometimes it totally is ;) He has also become partial to calling me Babe, rather then mom. Which doesn't help with John's giggles of encouragement or my hey that makes me cross I am mama! face. With out further ado our little gout...♥
That's all Folks.