Monday, September 27, 2010

Alpaca Head!

I was going to meet my girlfriend for lunch at a local park the other day, Id never been there but she'd given me detailed directions and I fallowed them to the T. I walked around and around in circles and all I saw was this adorable alpaca. A few times I even thought I heard someone call my name, but Alpacas cant talk, can they? Finally I know I heard this alpaca call me a hooker and I realized that this Alpaca head was on a human body! Talk about a plastic surgery fail! My poor friend went to get a little hair transplantation done and while under general anesthesia the dr's got a little carried away! Poor dear. She is currently sueing for millions cross your fingers ya'll!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A day in the life of Zeke

Daddy's gone to work. Oh no!!
Arts and crafts time with mommy.
Tattoos by self and Uncle Brian.
Shower with mommy ruined by putting blue octopus down the drain.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dinner: By John.

12pm Monday afternoon.
John: I'm hungry.
Me: Me too!
John: Enchiladas?
Me: That takes so much work, for dinner?

2 hours a bagel sandwich, chicken tenders and a party pizza later.......................

  6 hours, 3 bags of shredded cheese, a pot of home made sauce and 10 corn tortillas later. Both John and I enjoyed some bomb enchiladas while poor Zeke fell asleep early.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

For Andie Pants!

Thanks for being my best friend Queen of random ;) I lovers you! <3- Elizabeast!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I have 4 teeth fear me!

At 17 months our little gout now has four teeth. While minding my own business today he did the hunch walk up to me and bit me on the arm!

It was a wake up call of sorts, something that's occurring more and more frequently. My little baby is growing up. No longer a chubby cheek Roley-poly shit machine (still a shit machine actually) but a little man. A little man who loves fruit, being naked, making potato heads, dancing, kitties and Shrek.

 So much personality in one little ball of energy. I love his grumpy face, I love his hunch walk (which I have yet to capture on camera coming soon!)

And talk about a daddy's boy. Omg! In the morning if daddy isn't up he will sit outside the door knocking politely. Singing daddy, daddy, daddy!

And man this kids got some moves. As I mentioned previous there is the hunch dance. But there is the pin wheel dance too. Which consists of him spinning right round like a record baby right round. In circles faster and faster till the floor suddenly is vertical and he is laying there giggling like a fool. 

 And last but not least in any way is the way he loves his mommy. I never knew love could be like this. His face lights up every time he sees me. Even if its just that Ive come out of the bathroom. In the morning he is cuddle bug extraordinaire. He gives me a hug every time he walks by me and sings me songs and pats me on the back when I pick him up. How can my baby grow up? Is there any way to save him? Now the worst thing that happens to him is he got water when he demanded juice. Or a kitty ran away from him when he wanted to pet her. I can't imagine a world where his friends are his life and if that pretty girl knows he exist. Where mom and dad are baffons who couldn't possibly know what was going on in his misunderstood life. And even in moments of loneliness where he wishes he could sit on my lap and have me tell him its going to be ok, he wont. How do I stop that from happening? I don't want to lose my baby. Every tear so trial now, I savor it. His little angry face is so adorable. Oh my little gout, My baby. Will you ever know how much mommy loves you? Will you be well in to adult hood before you understand? I pray not. Zeke Bradley Phil your my life.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Consider this the spill.

I always find myself handicapped to make that first mark. No matter a doodle, a novel, a grocery list, or a master piece. I'm never sure where to start. Now I sit here having erased all my writings for the last hour or so. Googling other blogs attempting something worth reading form the outside world. So world here is my spill of paint upon the canvas of a bloggers' life. Yet another chapter in the world of Liz, only perhaps this one will live to tell a tale? Here's to the new and the old and the tales that go untold... for now.