Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dinosaur Magnum Opus

As some may know I recently taught myself to crochet more then just a flat square of sorts. I started with this little weird guy....
 Then jumped head first into the crazy world of amigurumi. Google it they are SO cute :D I decided almost the second I saw this T-Rex pattern Zeke must have it for his Easter basket! So we went and picked out some beautiful 100% cotton yarn By sugarncream!! SOOO yummy!! :D Then I set to it. He took me about 5 days to finish. His head was almost the death of me. I had to rip it up and redo it about 15 times. BUT I finally got it done!! I am so impressed with how cute he is! I just want to gobble him up! So here is Rexy!! In all his fierce glory!

I REALLY hope Zeke likes him!! I'll add pictures of Zeke with all his homemade yummy goodness after he gets it on Easter!!
I used this t-rex pattern
and added spikes by doing this- 
Round 1:  3 sc in a circle
Round 2:  Ch 1, 6 SC in loop.
Round 3:  (1 SC in next, 2 SC in next) 3 times  [9 SC]
Round 4:  1 SC in each SC  [9 SC]
Round 5:  (1 SC in next 2, 2 SC in next) 3 times  [12 SC]
Round 6:  1 SC in each SC  [12 SC]

I'm not 100% if I worded the spike pattern right, as I am new at this. If anyone has any questions just ask :)

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  1. you are amazing! and it looks even more magical in real life!