Monday, April 25, 2011

Pure Bliss ♥

I was there, I saw it happen. And seconds later there was a kiss,shared between father and son. Yet I feel almost like I should advert my eyes from such a sweet and intimate moment. For just this small second, captured so amazingly by my dear friend Tanya Given, there is no trouble in this world. No stresses, worries, or unhappiness. Just the two most wonderful men in my life sharing a secret. Pure bliss.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

An intimate view of me ;)

Every wonder what the full inside of my mouth looks like??

There you have it. It's creepy, weird, fascinating and completely gross all at the same time. I went to the dentist today and learned I do not in fact (despite the rumors) have teeth made from titanium. At the ripe old age of 25 I have my first cavity. :( To be 1000% honest with you all its been uncomfortable to chew candy or ice on my left side of my mouth but I was in total denial about it. LAME! So yeah they left me alone in the office with this computer screen right in front of my face and I snapped a picture of it :P I bet you never thought in a million years that you'd ever catch a glimpse of the entire inside of my mouth!


Dinosaur Magnum Opus

As some may know I recently taught myself to crochet more then just a flat square of sorts. I started with this little weird guy....
 Then jumped head first into the crazy world of amigurumi. Google it they are SO cute :D I decided almost the second I saw this T-Rex pattern Zeke must have it for his Easter basket! So we went and picked out some beautiful 100% cotton yarn By sugarncream!! SOOO yummy!! :D Then I set to it. He took me about 5 days to finish. His head was almost the death of me. I had to rip it up and redo it about 15 times. BUT I finally got it done!! I am so impressed with how cute he is! I just want to gobble him up! So here is Rexy!! In all his fierce glory!

I REALLY hope Zeke likes him!! I'll add pictures of Zeke with all his homemade yummy goodness after he gets it on Easter!!
I used this t-rex pattern
and added spikes by doing this- 
Round 1:  3 sc in a circle
Round 2:  Ch 1, 6 SC in loop.
Round 3:  (1 SC in next, 2 SC in next) 3 times  [9 SC]
Round 4:  1 SC in each SC  [9 SC]
Round 5:  (1 SC in next 2, 2 SC in next) 3 times  [12 SC]
Round 6:  1 SC in each SC  [12 SC]

I'm not 100% if I worded the spike pattern right, as I am new at this. If anyone has any questions just ask :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bubble Gout ♥

♥A morning with bubbles makes for a magical day♥
*unless they are accidentally inhaled ;)
Gotta get more buebue juice
Thanks for the soapy finger print on my lens, just want I always wanted :D!
Jade wuvs buebue's too!
*The concentration face*
Best morning EVER!
I don't suspect anyone will be at all shocked to learn seconds after this last picture, the bubbles got kicked and spilled all in my carpet... no wonder some nutty ♥ parents don't let their kids play with bubbles indoors :P Ahh oh well, you live and learn... and will Zeke be playing with bubbles indoors again? Sure! That's why we have carpet! Duh! :P ♥♥♥♥

Saturday, April 16, 2011

If I....

  Realizing your not perfect is never an easy thing to accept for anyone. I find myself increasingly getting closer and closer to my breaking point. But it never fails just when I think I can not possibly take any more, and the next time something "stressful" happens I am going to just snap and totally lose it. Zeke looks at me. He is so little and innocent, but wise and knowing. He may even ask if I am ok and come pat me on the head. It seems to make everything dissolve. 

I am especially grounded today. Realized that I am so amazingly lucky to have these great people all around me, who are able demonstrate such patience and remind me to relax and enjoy. Sometimes it's hard to remember such easy things. So I want to thank the people who inspire my life. Who have the wisdom to know what I need to hear. Who rescue me from having a nervous breakdown. Who let me know I am not alone. Thank you all for being amazing. For leaving your imprint on me and for helping me become a better person. The world needs more friends and family, like I am lucky enough to have.

Thanks for waiting, I'm catching up.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Monsters, Robots and Dinosaurs Oh my!

I've been crafting away as of late just going and going and going! I found this phenomenal web site cut out and keep and the inspiration has just been flowing. I've signed up for my first swap since I got jipped over and over on cafemom. SIGH! I hope it goes well! They seem to keep a lot closer tabs on the swapping histories. Any how with out to much ado...
I did a love story spin off of the Dinobot love that I made some years ago, if you've never been to my house the original "poster" is this. 
  And here is the new addition to the story adding some monsters :) 
I also have been HUGE into cutting up T-shirts again! OMG totes made of epic shirts = ♥
And clothes are even better! So with out too much introduction a T-skirt!

  Yoga T-shorts!
 Big D and the Kids table never looked so cool ;)

And a coupple of yoga skirts :)

Well, thats all I've been up to this week :) Hopefully I can go teach myself how to crochet a ball now for my new swap partner :) and of course when the package is complete I will post all those yummy crafts!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

♥ Toddler Tigers ♥

These are the tiger cubs from last spring! They've gotten so big! :) 
Zeke had a fantastic birthday party. We went to visit the tigers at the Denver zoo today! It was so nice out. Hope everyone got out and got some sunshine today ☼